Prop Service

Prop Service

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Did you damage your prop or feel your boat slowing down or vibration under power? Order this service and select to have us repair or replace a prop you weren't so nice to the last time out... Seriously, we'll come out, pull the prop for you, and repair or replace it for you on-site! This service takes 5-7 days depending on how workload and turn around time. For upgrades or replacement, please contact us for exact pricing. We will need to know the boat year and make, engine type and make, and prop pitch if known, along with what you'd like to do...for example, direct replacement, upgrade performance(power/speed)

*We replace the hub kit and lock washer as part of our service. We won't cut corners and just replace the prop. More than likely, if your prop took the impact to tear it up...that hub did its job and saved your motor.  When it comes to making sure your boat is ready to perform, we'll make sure you don't "miss the boat".

We also offer performance props as well to get the most out of your boat! Whether it's a stainless, 4-blade or 5-blade, or even a special pitch application for your wakeboard boat, we've got you covered.  If you're not sure what prop you should have on your boat, we're happy to help you choose the right one and get the most out of your boat's performance. 

If you have an inboard ski boat, please contact us before ordering this service.