About Us

Patriot Shore Services is a Veteran owned and operated shorefront services business, specializing in equipment installation and removal in and around South Central Wisconsin bodies of water.  

Established in 2016, we acquired two local operations that were looking to focus on other aspects of their business. After our initial season, we recognized gaps in the market and have decided to offer additional services.  We are energized and focused on providing the most value for your money and truly hold our customers at the apex of our business model. Built on hard work, determination, and pure grit, Patriot Shore Services is your choice for waterfront services in Central Wisconsin.  

We offer dock and lift installation and removal, boat cleaning and detailing, on-site prop replacement and 5-7 day turnaround on prop repairs.

During the summer, we are offer a very unique, Concierge service.  If you need someone to stock the cooler, uncover the boat, put the toys away, or pick up the property after that great weekend party...we're here for you!  In the military, there is a phrase, "got your 6".  That means we've got you covered...we have your back.  

This fall we bring to you a hard to find, heated indoor storage solution, allowing you peace of mind knowing your boat is protected from the elements, keeping your property looking its best by freeing up space and keeping the clutter to a minimum.

Our belief... If we take care of you, you'll honor us with your business and trust and introductions to your friends.  In our book, that's as good as it gets!