Dock & Lift Maintenance Package

Dock & Lift Maintenance Package

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Seasonal Maintenance on your docks and lifts...

In 2017, due to high frequency of experiencing equipment that's neglected and in disrepair, our service time has increased by 350%!!!

These things are simple but often neglected. Broken brackets, rounded off bolts and stripped threads, bent or broken dock posts, rusted and frayed cables can cost you big, and make our job extremely difficult. These can all be avoided with simple maintenance. We're trying to help you be proactive and prevent sad faces and frustration when your equipment isn't working when it matters the most to YOU.

What you get with this package:

Dock and Lift Deficiency Report

Replace Basic Hardware (Nuts & Bolts) that are unserviceable

Drill out & Re-thread Seized Bolts in post brackets (when necessary)

Straighten Bent Dock Posts

Lubricate and Inspect Lift Pulleys & Cables

Peace of Mind knowing that you won't get an unexpected bill for repairs or delays in your equipment being installed or removed.

In 2018, we will flag accounts that need extra service and move on to the next customer on our schedule. These accounts will be subject to higher rates due to the increased labor needed to install or remove.