1 Year Service Agreement

1 Year Service Agreement

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This is a $0 item. It should be added to your order of specific services you would like Patriot Shore Services to provide you for 2019.

I agree by selecting this agreement, to enter into an agreement with Patriot Shore Services, LLC to conduct Spring and Fall Equipment Installation/Removal Services. The agreement is for 2019 Services (SPRING & FALL). After Fall Services have been completed, the rate will adjust to the current rate for upcoming year's services.

To be a part of this agreement, I agree to pay for the Upcoming Year (Spring & Fall) services in full, prior to March 1st. 

It is key to this agreement, that payments are received on time. Payments received after March 21st will be applied to upcoming services, but render this agreement void and your rate will be adjusted to the current rate for services.

I understand that if I sell my property, my services paid for, will be applied to the new owners for the remainder of the season. The new owners are not bound by this agreement. Payments for the upcoming year are non-refundable. Services will be provided unless otherwise notified.

I understand that this agreement is transferable if the property is sold.

In the event another service company installs or removes your equipment in error or otherwise, this agreement stands as your acknowledgment that Patriot Shore Services is the only authorized company to execute these services until our agreement is completed. That also means that any fees for such services be remitted to Patriot Shore Services and any invoice from another company be forwarded to our attention.