Terms of Service



It is important as we get to know your property and equipment, that you provide any special instructions via comment section in our online store.  If you’re very specific about the location of your equipment, PLEASE CLEARLY MARK THE LOCATIONS YOU’D LIKE IT PLACED, OR LEAVE CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS OR PLAN TO BE AROUND TO PROVIDE GUIDANCE.  CALL-BACKS WILL BE CHARGED A MINIMUM $150 FEE AND $150/HR RATE AFTER THE 1ST HOUR.  

If you require us to abandon our regular installation operations schedule and make your property a priority, understand there will be a Preferred Service Request Charge of $150.


  • Any accounts not paid in full BY TIME OF SERVICE will be assessed a $35 Billing/Processing Fee. We really don't want you to have to pay this so we've given you several ways to avoid this fee.  Please log into our website at www.patriotshoreservices.com OR contact us to create an invoice for your service.  You may call 608-448-1752 and pay by phone (leave a message if you don't reach someone and we'll call you back as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated.)
  • Our 3 year rate lock customers are required to pay for services by April 1st to secure they keep the Rate lock agreement.
  • Accounts not paid in full AFTER 30 DAYS FROM SERVICE DATE, will be assessed a $35 Late Fee every 30 days past service date.  Additionally, ALL discounts will be forfeited. 


    For our protection, we reserve the right to refuse service on unsafe equipment or situations that involve dangerous conditions including working around sharp foreign objects, debris and other hazards, or requests that involve using imprudent judgment. Safety is our primary concern.

    Please keep in mind...Shoreline Products are exposed to harsh climates and environmental conditions affecting their quality and consistency. Equipment used in this type of setting and climate will occasionally break, and there is inherent chance of damage. Therefore, due to many circumstances and environmental conditions, your equipment serviceability can change at any time. Please inspect your equipment before we arrive.  We will do our best to note our concerns and bring them to your attention if we discover broken or unsafe equipment. We strongly encourage you to purchase our service package to avoid costly call-backs, and repairs while keeping your equipment's wearable items in top condition.  

    Our Good Faith Guarantee:
    We will work with you to resolve any concerns you may have regarding our work on your equipment. We aim to provide hassle free services at a fair price and leave our customers happy that they chose to work with us. If at any point in time you are unhappy with our service, please contact us at 608patriot@gmail.com so that we can promptly resolve your concern. Management reserves the right to determine if any refund will be provided, given the unique nature of our business.

    Warranty:  When doing work on Central Wisconsin waterways, we cannot guarantee that during times of high water, that docks and lifts will not shift or move or settle from its location.  PSS takes all reasonable measures to prevent this from happening but due to careless boat docking and boats being tied off to the docks where wave action creates lifting and pulling on them, currents, wind and other conditions out of our control, we cannot take responsibility for occasions when the docks settle and/or shift or move from their installed locations.  The bottom of the waterway can vary dramatically and in some areas, especially if significant silt and muck is present.  Due to these conditions, the soft bottom can cause posts to shift or tilt or settle under normal use.  Any failures and/or damage to the dock or framework resulting from movement or failure of components that we were not involved with providing or installing are not our responsibility. Any adjustments due to these conditions will be addressed upon request (ordering through www.patriotshoreservices.com) and are subject to service call charge and standard service rates.

    We understand that we can't make everyone happy all the time. We just ask that you give us an opportunity to make it right and earn your trust if there ever is a concern you may have.

    Thank you kindly,

    Cale Schorer,