Service Call

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For any Basic Maintenance, Diagnostic, Troubleshooting service calls.  You will be charged this flat rate for the service call. 

After 15min, $200 will be billed for the 1st hour on site.

There is an additional time on site charge of $200/hour for services performed and time beyond 1 hr will be billed at $200 each additional hour

No additional service call charges will be billed on follow-up visits to remedy the original call.

For Example:
Problem-Lift Not operational.
PSS comes to property: Service call $185.
PSS troubleshoots and determines lift cable is bound up and off pulley: $200 for diagnostic/troubleshooting time
SCENARIO 1: It takes PSS 3/4 hr to address and restring cable.  
$385 is owed for SERVICE CALL & REPAIR.
SCENARIO 2: It takes PSS 1 3/4 hrs to trouble shoot, address and restring cable and rewind winch properly. 
$585 is owed for SERVICE CALL & REPAIR



Parts and time for repair are additional.