Dock Services - Roll-a-Dock Style

Dock Services - Roll-a-Dock Style

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Order this service to have us install and remove your STRAIGHT Roll-a-dock.   Select the year of service requested and the water way/location of your equipment 

Please use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate options and place your order for the number of STRAIGHT ROLL-A-DOCK docks you'd like us to install or remove. 

If you have a large roll-a-dock, we prefer to install/remove in sections.  This is done to prevent damage to your equipment and for safety reasons.  Please indicate how many sections your dock is made up of. 

EXAMPLE: Long straight section with a section off to either side and another shorter section out, forming an "h" or "4".  This would be 3 sections.  Same for a double "L" or a "T".

(Extra long straight docks, over 32' will likely be separated into 2 smaller sections to prevent damage to your equipment). This mainly applies to equipment on Redstone and Jordan Lake.  

Note: If you have a sectional dock (4'-12' sections) please select SECTIONAL DOCK.