How To Make Your Install Go Smoothly-Tips & Recommendations

It's almost time for install...what should I do?

Well, that time is rapidly approaching and we'd like to share a few timely tips to make this season's install go smoothly for all of us.  Below is a list of a few things you can do to prevent extra charges, frustration on your part and ours, and ensure a safe season on the water.  

  • Take time to inspect your equipment!  We can't stress this enough.  We've seen docks with trees on them, lifts crushed by fallen debris, and parts and pieces that have disappeared since last fall.  If you're not able to personally do this, ask a neighbor or friend to do this for you.  With the high winds this spring, we've already seen dock decking sections strewn about people's properties...and in the lake. 
    • Look for the it all there?  
    • Look at the welds...are there any cracks or broken welds?  
    • Look at the accessories and connections...bolts, fasteners, etc to ensure they're present
    • Look at the posts and support mechanisms (wheels, pads, axles, etc) These are high stress points and if neglected, will cause your equipment to fail

  • Clear any debris and inspect your shoreline.  Branches and flotsam can litter the area we need to work in and that you want your equipment.  Help us help you.  Making sure your area is prepared for install is a key to a smooth operation.  

  • My favorite thing I've seen, and it makes our jobs easy.  Using landscaping flags, marking paint or stakes, mark exactly where you want your equipment to go...remember, if we have to come back's going to cost more money.  Let's get it right the first time.  

  • One step further than this is something you can do after install, but will make things much easier in the future.  Take some paint, tape or some other marking method, and mark your dock where your lift leg should be.  This is brilliant and the guys that started doing this make their install a breeze.  Wrap orange tape around the back, dock side leg of the lift, and put the same tape on the dock, where they line up.  No questions, no frustrations, no call backs...done the way you want it the first time.  (see the theme here?)

  • This one is present or available if we have questions...make sure we have a way to contact you.

  • Provide clear instructions.  Some of our customers draw maps, others engineering drafts, others google maps satellite views, or just simply a note in a ziplock bag.  These are all very helpful and go a long way towards making sure we do it how you ask...happy customers = happy business owner.  

  • Like Santa...we love finding treats for our team!  Just kidding.  Although many of you greet us with bottles of water and snacks, that is not necessary or expected. All we ask is that you help make your job easier rather than harder.  Remember, the water temps are still not much above freezing and this team is in the water for up to 12 hours in a day...It goes without saying the less time in the water that they have to fight with something, the better off we all are.  Safety is our first concern. 

We hope that these tips will help in preparation for getting you back on the water in a safe and timely manner this Spring.  

If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it...stop by our Facebook page and leave a comment or write a review.  We love when our customers share the love!