Move/Transport Waterfront Equipment

Move/Transport Waterfront Equipment

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If your equipment cannot be stored on site, does not have direct access to the shoreline for our boat to reach or needs to be moved to another property, choose Waterfront to Waterfront Service.

In the comments section, please indicate where it needs to go.

PLEASE NOTE...If your equipment needs to be moved from waterfront to waterfront and then off-site (ie. property to boat launch and then to storage site inland) please select both WATERFRONT and LAND TRANSPORT service.

Most cases, this cannot be done at the same time as our other installations. 

This service requires additional equipment to be brought on-site and is very time-consuming. Due to the time and personnel needed to execute this service, there is a difference in price compared to Waterfront to Waterfront.

*Typically Requires an additional Vehicle, Trailer, Driver and Ground guide/Assistant to help load and unload on-site.

*Rental of specialty equipment. This is often times only necessary for one or two properties in the course of our seasonal mission and thus reflected in our rate for this service. Rental cost of specialty equipment, plus 20% will be billed for this service