Boat Care-Boat Reconditioning- Exterior

Boat Care-Boat Reconditioning- Exterior

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This is the option you should choose if your boat is aged and faded and you'd like your boat to look as close to new as possible. We use premium marine products, utilizing a multi-step process to restore and recondition your boat's finish. Check out some of our customer's boats before and after pictures!

ATTENTION: This rate is per foot and for the exterior only.  Please use the quantity to select the right boat length for this service. This work takes approximately 4-5 hours per step, typically consisting of at least 3, but sometimes 6 or more steps depending on the condition of your boat. 

Please note...this is a baseline estimate. Price is not binding until visual inspection of your boat and its condition is verified and expectations have been set as to the final condition of your boat after work is complete.

For reference: The blue and black boat, took 17 hours to do the outside and another 8 hours on the interior. When we were done, it looked like a brand new boat and added thousands in value to it for our customer. 

If you would like references, we are happy to provide them upon request!